Scouting or widely known as the scouting movement is a movement that was initiated to assist and support the young people of the society. This movement helps children to grow and develop mentally, physically and spiritually. Though this movement first took its roots in the Britain soil, now it is a global movement, and as of 2010, there are 32 Million registered scouts.

Scouting Activities

A brief history of the Scout Movement:

  • Robert Baden Powell was the pioneer of the scout movement. He has also written a book that talks about reconnaissance and scouting.
  • The organization came into existence in the year 1907 and was meant only for boys, and three years later in the year 1910, the girl’s guide was created.
  • The two largest organizations that have centralized governance over the global scout members are World Organization of the Scout Movement and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
  • Earlier when the organizations came into existence, they were gender specific. While the former one was boys-only, the latter one was for girl scouts. However, today both organizations appreciate co-education programs and welcoming regarding the participation of both boys and girls.
  • The scout symbol carries the fleur-de-lis and the trefoil, and these symbols were embedded in the British 50 pence coin to remember the 100th year celebration of the founding of the scout movement in the year 2007.
  • The motto of the movement is ‘Be Prepared.’ Since this movement came into existence during one of the crucial period in the history the scouts were motivated and trained to face any adverse situation, to be ready and act boldly. This is the reason behind the motto.

Scouting activities:

  • Most people think that scouts come out and function only when they march and involve in parade activities. The truth is however different. In order to equip the scouts for different situations a lot of creative and recreational activities are conducted for scouts.
  • There are a lot of scouting activities that are broadly classified based on gender under the heads, Boy Scout and Girl Scout.
  • As far as the Boy Scouts are concerned the most common scouting activities are
  • Boy Scout Outdoor program is a program where the scouts are promised that they will be taken to a spot of their desire when they join scouting. This is a scout’s first program.
  • Philmont Scout Ranch includes interesting activities like Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades among other training events. This is one among the America’s Premier High adventurous outdoor programs.
  • There are also a lot of other programs like Kayaking BSA, BSA Snorkeling Safety, Scuba BSA among others.
  • The programs that are organized by the girl scouts are mostly similar in nature. They vary only in the level of difficulty.


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