Incense Waterfall

Most of the young people I’ve talked to in the past two years have been excited to work on a great Eagle Scout project. You may be planning on a camp-out or hosting a fundraiser, but it can be just as fun to turn your mind towards an Eagle Scout project. Even if you don’t plan on working for your Eagle, you can still be a part of the endeavor by participating and helping with the ideas.

What is an Incense Waterfall?

This incense waterfall review shows just how popular these projects have become. After looking through some models, Cal and I decided that they looked pretty easy to make and set out to buy the materials.

It is a good idea to keep the room clean and organized before you start work. Find all of the stuff that you will need to get started such as tape measure, pencils, markers, stamps, construction paper, glue sticks, paint brushes, fabric, scissors, paint, and various other tools. Then you’ll be ready to start the project.

You may also want to think about adding some personal touches such as adding a desk to your room to give it that professional look.

After you have completed the first step of decorating your home, the next step will be to add a small desk chair and personal items to your table such as your computer, play station, games, and books. The kids can be part of the project and provide ideas as well as take part in creating the project themselves.

4 Steps to Creating Your Incense Waterfall Project

The first great idea is to gather the materials you need for an incense waterfall. To begin there’s only 4 steps:

1) Assemble Your Materials

Once the purchase has been completed, you can decide what kind of material you’d like to use for your waterfall. These are the materials we used:

  • Waterfall Stones
  • Super Glue
  • Essential Oils or Incense
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper

Decorating can be challenging as they are usually dry and will allow the scout to put down any hangings they want. However, do keep in mind that Eagle Scout projects must stay outdoors.

2 ) Layer Rocks Appropriately

One great way to help your Eagle Scout Project is to paint the walls with any pictures that you have at home. Use embellishments such as sequins and glitter. Other great ideas are to get an eagle for the bottom of each table, cut out an eagle in a painting that is framed in a picture frame, or use photos that are framed in glass.

If you’re going to use landscaping rocks, look for designs that are familiar to you and then try to find the best fit for your Eagle Scout House. You may want to choose a family pet, lion, tiger, dog, or even a hummingbird for your projects. The key is to come up with something that makes the child smile and enjoy doing their project.

3) Let Sit Overnight

The next part of the project involves decorating the other rooms. Look for patterns that are familiar to you and then use them on the walls or on the picture frames. Just remember to avoid using the actual paintings on the walls as the Eagle Scout House is meant to be used outside.

4) The Finishing Touches

For instance, a wonderful idea would be to use a painting of the house or perhaps a picture that represents the house and then color it to match the walls. Have the child make a few personal touches for the painting. Then, have a plaque that is of the same size and design as the painting and place it somewhere in the room to remind them of their project.

Begin by laying out the main floor. You want to start with the easiest tasks first. For instance, you will want to consider getting the desk area already built up. This will give you a clean, orderly place to start with your Eagle project. Also, consider choosing a table or coffee table that can double as a chair.

Next, begin with the curtains for your Eagle Scout House. Make sure you choose curtains that are relatively easy to remove when needed. Then decide if you want a table that you can set your stuff on, or if you’d like to use an actual piece of furniture as a table.

Other Scout Project Ideas

The Eagle Scout application process is not an easy one. Another idea for a great decorative touch for the Eagle Scout is to hang a picture of the house on the wall. Consider having the picture is of the main room and have it compliment one of the rooms in the house. This could be the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or the den.

The last idea for a great decorating idea would be to use an owl’s head plaque on the wall. Add a painted owl to the plaque and have it facing one of the doors that leads to the main room of the house. While this may not be a very exciting decoration, it’s sure to be welcomed by every Eagle Scout family member who visits.

Feelings will begin to occur that will help you release any tension that has been holding you back. This will cause you to move into the next step of your Waterfall Project. After the next step, you will be experiencing the fullness of being, and healing from the inside will take place.

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