Eagle Scout Project Application Process

Scouting is one of the prestigious movements that students can ever be a part of. The movement was initiated to take care of the mental, physical and spiritual requirements of the youngsters.

5 Steps to Eagle Scout Project Applications

1 ) The ranking system came into the ‘guide movement’ Though a lot of countries like Europe do not appreciate the rank system since that would be like militarism, countries across the globe follow the ranking order in scout.

2 ) This ranking system led to the birth of reward system, which was an initiative to appreciate and motivate the cadets of these movements. Now let us see this ranking system and the corresponding awards given.

3 ) 35 countries have their own reward system.

4 ) Since it is not practically possible to list them all and because the Europeans were the pioneers of this movement we will see the ranking system in Britain.

5)  This is one of the movements that has been in existence for a longer time.


Ranking System:

Countries have their own way of scout movements. Though the scout movements governed by the international organizations, countries are given the liberty to frame rules and designs the way in which the nations function. However, to get a complete understanding of the ranking and the award system, there are few things that you have to know.

The highest ranking system in the UK is as follows,

  • Chief Scout’s Bronze Award
  • Chief Scout’s Silver Award
  • Chief Scout’s Gold Award
  • Chief Scout’s Platinum Award
  • Chief Scout’s Diamond Award
  • The Explorer Belt
  • Queen’s Scout Award

So far 52 Scout associations are working in 45 countries. These are the countries that have the highest rank or advancement awards system. Interesting all these ranks and honors fall in any one of the categories:

  • Named after the Chief of the state
  • Named after an animal
  • A name with national pride or religious significance
  • Named after top scouting official

Eagle Scout Project Applications Reviewed

The process of receiving eagle scout project applications is sometimes laborious. Some of these awards carry significant prestige and value beyond scouting. Some of them also matter a lot in the professional records of an individual. However, the significance differs from one country to another country.

The countries that matter in one country might not matter for the other. Baden- Powell created the original system of the Scout advancement. Many scout associations do not have any rank or positional advancements. So in such countries, there is no scope for highest ranks or orders.

The main reason behind advancements and positions is that they improve the performance and participation of a scout. As the cadet goes a level high, he contributes to the betterment of the society and his mates.


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